Catch of The Week

Catch of The Week

BangBANG Big Willie Mays at Catfish Tyrone Robberson Fish fin feathers this morning for two hours limited out.

XXXBLOOD baits Strike again. The cats were hitting everything marinated. Ask for XXXBLOOD, we got them, xxxblood sardine, xxxblood beef, liver, all combos with worms and even on mackerel chunks and heads. The cats were hitting everything we threw we missed about 10 fish a monster got away in the bush on us. Its been outstanding catfish out there, we were using a bobber rig floating with the bait over the weeds and have been very successful. Order online today from

Prior Catches

55-pound Halibut Sitka in Alaska caught using squid herring marinated in XXXBlood Blue Diamond Fish attractant.

More Catches

Big Willie owner of Amaysing FISHING Bait and tackle went out with his good buddy Dawn Hall to do a little cat fishing at the fin feathers club we got out there about 545 this morning and went and started fishing around the brush.

Donnie got his rod out first I wanted him to catch a fish before I did he had-not been out in my boat in two years ,I let him fishing round and then I tossed my bait (XXXBLOOOD LIVERS WORM COMBO ON 6/0 Mustad hook , 40 lb Ghost Wire Fluorocarbon 8 ft Whopper Stopper Rod) out and instantly I was hit with a monster fish ,the battle was epic and went into the brush and out of the brush Donny was very swift and agile with the net and scooped a big fish up after a 2 min battle when the big guy made his last jump,both of us had to pull the fish into the boat it was so heavy .Fin & feathers some of the best fishing in the AV big fish weighed out at 22 1/2 pounds we also picked up another fish that was a little over 8lb (baby) both fish were CPR to fight another day. Order XXX Blood and Catfish hooks at or call the 24 hr bait hotline 6614295824 . BIG WILLIE WILL SEE YA ON THE WATERS

XXXBLOOD BAIT Catch of the Week